Succinct Summation of Week’s Events (1/14/11)


1) Japan joins China in wanting to chip in to help Europe

2) Portugal, Spain and Italy all successfully sell debt and sets calmer tone for the week

3) US Treasury yields shrug off higher inflation readings and stay moderate (bond bulls should thank the Fed)

4) Stocks shrug off all the negatives below and continue to melt higher

5) Thailand, South Korea and China take prudent steps to cool inflation pressures


1) PPI, CPI (record high), Import Prices, inflation expectations in UoM, all point to upward inflation trend and JOC and CRB food indices hit record highs

2) Thailand, South Korea and China all tighten policy over inflation worries

3) Indian Sensex index falls to 4 month low after 8.4% wholesale inflation report and ahead of likely rate hike on Jan 25th

4) US Retail Sales a touch light

5) UoM confidence light

6) Initial Claims jump but seasonal issues

7) Muni’s break down.

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