Thursday AM Reads

The latest adds to my Instapaper this morning:

• Layoffs Deepen Gloom (WSJ) see also Chokehold on wages (Washington Post)
WTF? Banks Pay Back TARP Funds by. . . .Borrowing from Treasury (Yahoo Finance)
• Worst. Congress. Ever. (Foreign Policy) see also Does ‘Gang of Six’ Raise or Cut Taxes? (WSJ)
• China’s fake Apple stores (Bird Abroad)
• Friedman: Can Greeks Become Germans? (NYT) see also USA, Euro: Crunch time (BBC News)
• Current account dilemma (China Financial Markets)
• Banks continue robo-signing (Fidelity) see also Wells Fargo’s big mortgage ripoff (CNNMoney)
• 5 Reasons Borders Went Out of Business (and What Will Take Its Place) (Moneyland)
• Sizzle Factor for a Restless Climate (NYT)
• Utterly Hilarious: Damn You, Auto Correct! (DYAC)

What are you reading?

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