10 Monday AM Reads

Here is what I found to be interesting this morning:

• Q&A: Steve Leuthold and Doug Ramsey of Leuthold Weeden Capital Managment Are Still Loaded for Bear in the North Country (Barron’s)
• Economics in the Next Ten Years? (Economic Principals)
• Ghosts Could Be Lurking in Banking Machines (WSJ) see also California breaks from 50-state probe into mortgage lenders (LA Times)
• Wall Street, tilting toward Romney, withholds campaign cash from Obama (McClatchy)
• A “great haircut” to kick-start growth (Reuters) see also Unemployment Concern: Seeking to Match Skills and Jobs (WSJ)
Shiller: The Great Debt Scare (Project Syndicate)
• S&P 500 Valuations Below Recessions Since ‘57 as Estimates Drop (Businessweek) but see Europe, Asia September factory activity slumps (Reuters)
Simon Johnson: What Would It Take To Save Europe? (The Baseline Scenario)
• States Seize Rate Gift Not Seen Since Clinton Presidency (Businessweek) see also The Most Ridiculous Thing You Will Read About Interest Rates Today (Business Insider)
• Wall Street Protests: Commissioner Kelly Outdoes Himself (New Yorker)

What are you reading?


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