10 Wednesday AM Reads

My morning reads:

• EU-US Free Trade Agreement: End of the Asian Century? (The Diplomat)
Smaller Hedge Fund Managers Outperform: A Study of Nearly 3,000 Equity Long/Short Hedge Funds (All About Alpha)
• The Real Problem with the Big Banks (The New Yorker) see also Too Big to Fail Casts Long Shadow (WSJ)
• ‘Currency War’ Is Less a Battle Than a Debate on Economic Policy (DealBook)
• Where the Black Swans Hide & the 10 Best Days Myth (Social Science Research Network)
• Forecasters keep thinking there’s a recovery just around the corner. They’re always wrong. (WONKBLOG) see also The Holy Grail For Monitoring Your Portfolio (The Capital Spectator)
• US ready to strike back against China cyberattacks (Yahoo Finance)
• Happiness Means Being Just Rushed Enough (Scientific American)
• Michael Dell, Who’s Your Daddy? (Institutional Investor)
• The Beautiful World of SciVis (visual.ly)

What are you reading?


Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Closes Above the $150,000 Mark

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