Islam in Europe

Source: The Economist

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  1. Bob K. commented on Jan 12

    I think ISIS is the game changer. The other Muslim extremist groups rely on Europe’s support, these guys do not. Also, they have no problem exporting their terror.

    The elites are underestimating the angst amongst the people, and are chafing at being forced together with people in which they are incompatible.

    What I do not know is why the elite embrace Islamic tenets when if Christians held them they would be hounded from the town square?

    • theexpertisin commented on Jan 12

      Because it fits the progressive template, until it comes to bite them in the ass, at which time the Christians that form the backbone of our national defense may come to the conclusion that Islam is the macho man’s dream come true — why fight it?

  2. Petey Wheatstraw commented on Jan 12

    At times like these, I find atheism to be a great comfort in its ability to provide a gimlet-eyed view of mass/cultural cognitive dissonance.

  3. James P commented on Jan 12

    Aah atheism. Another ism. I like to cultivate models and maybe a theory. I certainly don’t believe in models. That would be scientism and might tend me towards a cognitive bias. The theory might be “therefore I am” with the understanding that trying to characterize anything before the “therefore” would be pure folly. Belief is probably a bias against reality.

    • MidlifeNocrisis commented on Jan 12

      Atheism is having no belief in gods. Period. Not to be confused with anti-theism.

    • ilsm commented on Jan 12

      “Our own brain, our own heart is our temple. The philosophy is kindness.” Dalai Lama

      Hindu: “Do no harm”. “Truth”. “Non Judgement”.

  4. GeorgeBurnsWasRight commented on Jan 12

    I noticed the wide disparity between the percentage of Muslims in a country and the perception of that percentage by the population – on average, people thought there were 4.56 times as many Muslims in their country, with a range of slightly over 3 times to an incredible 70 times. This is a huge error rate, which presumably leads to bad policies.

    I wonder how much of that is due to propaganda- “they’re” taking over “our” country, and how much is due to our mind’s inability to effectively estimate small percentages.

    • Bob K. commented on Jan 12

      Probably because they are taking over the schools. People can do the demographic math. Plus they are all clustered in the big cities, don’t work so are very visible. Also they are very vocal. Once Muslims get to 10% they agitate for Sharia separation. You already see it in France and Belgium. Get to 30%, AMF.

    • victor commented on Jan 13

      From Wiki (to avoid perceived bias): “Don Melvin wrote in 2004 that, excluding Russia, Europe’s Muslim population will double by 2020. He also says that almost 85% of Europe’s total population growth in 2005 was due to immigration in general. Omer Taspinar predicted in 2001 that the Muslim population of Europe will nearly double by 2015, while the non-Muslim will shrink by 3.5%, if the higher Muslim birth rate persists. In the UK, between 2001 and 2009, the Muslim population increased roughly 10 times faster than the rest of the population”. In the big cities of Western Europe, the majority of the kids in elementary schools are Muslims…..

  5. intlacct commented on Jan 13

    An incredible moment in history. I am thankful for the wake-up call that recent events present. Sounds like the UK needs to really change its approach to education (I understand that they give funds to schools that are not teaching pluralism and ‘traditional’ Western values).

  6. James P commented on Jan 13

    Probably atheism is having belief in no gods. It’s the certainty that is the problem, the period. Otherwise one must define “God or god”. Anti-theism is still a belief.

  7. loopz commented on Jan 13

    I found the most revealing/explanatory here:

    including some of the books he wrote. Very insightful when reading about the ‘extremists’ in Paris or ISIS. What these people do is actually fairly mainstream according to the stricter versions of Islam… including slavery..

    Actually in Europe we base our belief on:
    1. the separation between church and state.
    2. your choice of religion should be respected and does not ‘bite’ the other religions

    If you read more about political islam, you will realise that the above will not stand a chance.

    the meaning of the word:

    hindukush – The word ‘Hindu Kush” is a Persian word meaning ‘Hindu-Killing”,

    Taqiyya – emphasized in Shi’a Islam whereby adherents may conceal their religion when they are under threat, persecution, or compulsion

    Takfir refers to the practice of excommunication, one Muslim declaring a non-Muslim or an apostate, an unbeliever or kafir (pl. kuffār). Check the status of an apostate, a kafir or a woman in the islamic world..

    dar al islam & dar al harb – whereby Islam means submission and harb means war….

    Also the amount of space in the trilogy (koran, hadith, sira) devoted to jihad.

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