New Ford GT

Source: Road and Track

From Top Gear:

The Ford GT is back. And then some. Taking all the headlines at the Detroit motor show – and confirming some tasty rumours that have been rumbling for a little while now – is the third iteration of Ford’s supercar.

And gone is the supercharged V8 of old, replaced by an Ecoboost engine. Fear not, though, as it still packs a proper amount of cylinders. A twin-turbo 3.5-litre V6 engine drives the rear wheels with ‘more than’ 600bhp, and with motorsport development behind it, Ford is claiming great efficiency.

Of course, it’s performance we care about. Nothing’s confirmed in that area just yet, but a 0-60mph time close to 3.0secs and a top speed north of 200mph ought to be very feasible targets.

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Source: Top Gear

From Road and Track:

Objectivity out the window! Let’s get personal for a moment: I want this. I want this badly. I don’t care that it doesn’t have a manual transmission; I don’t care that it doesn’t have a V-8; I don’t care that it will likely cost far more than my annual salary; I don’t care that we don’t know anything more about it save a few hundred words of press release and some jokes Mark Fields made during scripted stage banter with Bill Ford. It effectively recalls everything good about Ford motorsport and that historic Le Mans win without being stuck in the past. It reminds me of everything good about Detroit and cars and speed. The only missing piece of the puzzle is the Corvette Zora—GM’s upcoming mid-engine C7, about which we know little. But it will likely be available with a manual transmission, and that fact might give me pause.

Everything else, they got right. Oof. What a thing.

Source: Car and Driver

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  1. emrah commented on Jan 16

    I get the impression that it looks like a Ferrari/Lambo hybrid. But still a beautiful looking car.

  2. supercorm commented on Jan 16

    Nice design. At the end of the day, it’s still just a Ford, and is probably just great to drive on a straight highway.

  3. idaman commented on Jan 16

    I just don’t get it.

    Ugly as sin.

    Also, Can someone explain what u would do with a car like that if you owned it? Show it off at the Safeway parking lot?

  4. Paul Mathis commented on Jan 16

    So less powerful than a Dodge Viper or Chevy Z06 at twice the price — good job Ford!

    ADMIN: I know BR rally likes the Vette at $59k, and it comes with a manual transmission to boot!

  5. jib10 commented on Jan 16

    Track day! All courses have track days where you can run the course in your own car.

    Basically these are like boats or vacation homes. Just depends on how you want to spend your free time.

  6. wally commented on Jan 16

    I don’t know where that fugly upside-down trapezoid lower front grille comes from, but EVERY car maker is using it this year. It just looks awkward and silly.

  7. S Brennan commented on Jan 16


    Normally I don’t go in for your car fetish thing, but unlike the, [probably more car knowledgeable], 2 commenters above, I like the styling, to my eye, it does not have a bad angle…and I have won a few national and international industrial design awards…albeit, not in the auto industry. But the blue? Uh uh, maybe a dark gun metal blue, but a metallic charcoal or black would give it’s lines a cleaner take.

  8. guadas commented on Jan 16

    You would drive it…..pretty simple concept that’s been around since, well, the invention of the horse drawn cart.

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