1937 Cord 812

The Cord was not only beautiful, it was one of the most innovative cars of it time, filled with automobile firsts:

-First American car to have front-wheel drive.
-Horn ring rather than a button.
-Holes cut into the hubcaps (to allow the brakes to cool off)

Aerodynamic design included:

-Enclosed headlights, (a crank on the dashboard let drivers manually reveal the headlights.)
-Gas cap hidden under a door
-Hidden door hinges, and rear-hinged hood

The design of the Cord, the shapely nose, Suicide doors, were unique. A busy, beautiful dashboard made the interior lovely as well. Originally priced at a (relatively high) $3,095-$3,295 — about what a Cadillac cost then — Cord sold about 3000 of the cars by 1937; there are still 2000 in the hands of collectors today.

Jay Leno is a big fan of the car, as are other collectors. They run from about $50k to $75k to $150k or more.


Source: Hemmings Daily

Source: RM Sotheby’s

Source: Hemmings Daily