ISIS May Be Losing a Lifeline

Source: Washington Post

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  1. ilsm commented on Feb 25

    The Baghdad government has a line of communication (LOC) problem approaching Mosul. They need Samarra, Tikrit, etc before they invest Mosul.

    Otherwise the US do a a large, expensive airlift effort.

    Clauswitz said war consists of strategy, tactics and logistics. US should try to do better than 1 of the 3.

    • VennData commented on Feb 26

      No we should jump in now so we don’t make Gramps MCCain doubly ashamed.

      Attack immediately. Clauswitz was a big fan.

  2. phoneranger commented on Feb 25

    Ammunition. Food. Fuel. I don’t see how ISIS resupplies Mosul let alone places at the end of the supply chain like Ramadi. An Anaconda strategy like the British used in WWI. It’d work.

  3. kenyc commented on Feb 25

    This looks like the degrade and destroy strategy that fox news said was non existent.

  4. James Cameron commented on Feb 25

    Despite the apoplectic claims about ISIS by Graham, McCain and other Republican “strategists” on this subject, the “caliphate” reached its high water mark, and it is under increasing pressure. At least in Iraq. It will be interesting to see what the impact will be on their recruitment as they suffer more reverses, and especially if they are forced out of Mosul.

  5. Lyle commented on Feb 25

    One might paraphrase Winston Churchill’s phrasing about WWII While it is not the beginning of the end of ISIS it is at least the end of the beginning.
    One thing that will tell is how many foreigners want to go there to commit suicide, as it appears that unless you have special talents if you go there you will go on suicide missions.

  6. RW commented on Feb 25

    ISIS as a state was doomed as soon as the great powers recognized it as a threat rather than a lever: It will be obliterated in physical terms within a year at most.

    ISIS as an idea — the Islamist version of the Christianist rapture and Armageddon crew — will live on and grow because the sellers of Armageddon, Christianist and Islamist alike, require an implacable, existential foe to foster donations and sacrifice.

    Like the mob in the “good old days” when criminality was a bit more detached from cultural game-playing: It’s not personal, it’s just business.

    • victor commented on Feb 27

      RW: I’m a Jew. I feel left out.

  7. whatdoiknow commented on Feb 26

    RW – I’m a Christian. I’m interested in this ISIS-like “Christianist rapture and Armageddon crew”. Where can I go to join up? Oh.. wait… they don’t exist.

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