The Golden Age of Financial Writing

Outstanding list of top notch financial writers from Morgan Housel.

Over the years, I have tried to explain the significance to investors of organizing your thoughts into a written expression of understanding and belief. See, e.g., Why I Write and What I learned after 30,000 posts. It is one of the more important things you can do to better understand your own beliefs and expectations, an important part of becoming a better investor.

So you can imagine how thrilled and proud I am that three of our staff made Morgan’s “must read” list of 22:

Michael Batnick (The Irrelevant Investor)

  • Who he is: Director of research, Ritholtz Wealth Management
  • What he writes: Pithy investing observations, market history, sarcastic tweets
  • Why you should read him: Came out of the middle of nowhere a year or two ago and is already one of the sharpest writers in finance.

Josh Brown (Reformed Broker)

  • Who he is: CEO, Ritholtz Wealth Management
  • What he writes: Dissects the world of investing, economics, and financial advice in a way that is as hilarious as it is brilliant.
  • Why you should read him: Has bridged the gap between presenting high-quality information in an entertaining way better than anyone in the business.

Barry Ritholtz (The Big Picture)

  • Who he is: Chief investment officer, Ritholtz Wealth Management
  • What he writes: Smart, honest, no-holds-barred investment and economic articles.
  • Why you should read him: Incapable of sugar-coating stories he’s passionate about, which makes for some of the most informative and eye-opening columns.

Writing is an important part of our process, and one that I highly recommend, regardless of whether ever published or not.

The full list (despite the inevitable omissions) is definitely worth your time.



What I Read (And Why)
Morgan Housel, February 6, 2015

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  1. A commented on Feb 8

    Thanks for that list Barry.

    I think your title should be changed to: The Golden Age of Honest & Relevant Financial Writing

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