1968 Lamborghini Miura

Gorgeous car — the same goofy color as my Jeep Rubicon — but fantastic lines despite being ~47 years old.












Source: Classic Driver

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  1. BennyProfane commented on Mar 13

    Orange?? Is that an original color? I suspect red was painted over.

    • rj chicago commented on Mar 13

      Would be worth a look at the number plate to see the color when it came out of the Lambo line back in ’68 – my sense is this is close to the original color given the color palate of the time – esp in Italy.

  2. theexpertisin commented on Mar 13

    My daughter has a Jeep Rubicon and absolutely loves driving it out in Colorado Springs and the surrounding ski areas. It also has been used to transport USAF officers to base when their whimp sport cars could not make it through the snow.

    And it looks sharp.

  3. supercorm commented on Mar 13

    I had one long time ago. It was my favorite car, although mine was blue… and it was a Matchbox.

  4. Joe commented on Mar 13

    Nope, that’s a correct color for the sporty cars of the era. Saw it on Triumphs, BMW’s, Opel Gt’s, etc. It was a burnt orange. Color differs in different shots, lower body w/o reflections of the sky is closest.

  5. willid3 commented on Mar 13

    i remember when these first showed up. only really saw one in person. and they are gorgeous cars.

  6. Jack commented on Mar 13

    It’s really a blue and black stripe. Oh, wait…

  7. guadas commented on Mar 14

    What do you mean by “beautiful lines DESPITE being 47 years old”???

    That is when lines were MADE!!! :) Your looking at what influenced and set the standard, to a large part, for what we have now in the exotic/supercar world. The Miura and others of that era are the REAL DEAL!! Love it.

    The Italian designers were the ones to push these different colors……Ferrari Red was wearing a bit thin so what better to steal the show at Turin, etc.?

    Oh yeah….another “correction”…your Rubicon is the same color AS THE LAMBO. Who came first?

    Back in the ’70’s we went outside while at a friend’s house one evening (high school days). “WHAT IS THAT??!!” were the first words from our mouths. Ran up the driveway and spent the next 45 minutes crouching down under the street lights STARING (gawking is more appropriate) at a Lamborghini Espada (in bright yellow). Poor owner probably came out later, got in his car and wondered why there were so many smudges on the windows (holding our hands up against the windows to get a better view inside). Not a Miura but our first up close encounter with Italian auto exotica.

    Great pics…..thank you.

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