1968 Toyota 2000 GT












Source: Classic Driver

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  1. Paul Mathis commented on Mar 27

    Rip off of the XKE. Slow and poor handling, typical 60s.

    • Robert M commented on Mar 27

      Did you ever want to be cool or just a motor head? I apologize but as a teenager then I all thought was the babes were going to love me to death. So what if it was hundreds!

    • willid3 commented on Mar 28

      probably was. but still a nice car.

  2. Joe commented on Mar 27

    Until you stood next to one…. 46″ tall. Eyeball the spacing on the pedals. You’d better be scaled to fit inside the damn thing…. To become a “Bond car”, Toyota created the convertible to fit Sean Connery….. a towering 6′ 2″.

    • Robert M commented on Mar 27

      I thought immediately of “You Only Live Twice” Checked the date on IMDB and found this under trivia;
      “The Toyota 2000GTs used in this film were not convertibles. They had no roofs at all. As stated previously, Sean Connery would not have fitted into any putative 2000GT with the roof up, so the roofs were removed entirely and not replaced with soft tops”

  3. JasRas commented on Mar 29

    How did this not become as legendary as the Datsun 240z??? Beautiful!!

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