Bentley’s Speed 6

Looks more Aston Martin than Bentley, but she’s beautiful nonetheless.









Source: Classic Driver

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  1. MarkKlose commented on Mar 6

    Aston Martin is likely pondering Charles Caleb Colton’s notion that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Nonetheless quite beautiful.

    • LeftCoastIndependent commented on Mar 6

      I agree Mark. But the question is,,does it have an ejection seat ?

  2. Robert M commented on Mar 6

    Please explain the “6” hidden behidn the grill. It blows any idea of understated elegance out the door.

    • Aussi commented on Mar 6

      An homage to the spirit of the great racing Bentleys of the past. Speed 6 #1 won the 1929 & 1930 Le Mans 24hr race. The 6 comes from the number of cylinders and engine capacity, straight 6 of 6.5 litres (397ci).

    • Aussi commented on Mar 6

      I see the Western Australian Police had a couple of the original Speed 6 in the 1930s as chase cars. I hope they consider getting a few of these ‘updated’ models.

  3. DeDude commented on Mar 7

    What!!! – they put the steering wheel in the wrong side – and they want me to pay how much?!?

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