The US Housing Market

Source: WSJ

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  1. rd commented on Mar 4

    Its time to buy Miami real estate!!

    Keep in mind that they focus on “melting”. If the ice sheet accelerates its movement and the ice moves into the sea faster, it doesn’t have to “melt” to raise the ocean level as the ice will displace the water and push the ocean level up before the ice melts. The problem with the melting ice is it removes the toe buttress ice shelves that keep the glaciers penned up on land. the removal of the ice shelves can allow the on-land glaciers to move into the sea faster in the absence of any other changes.

    • supercorm commented on Mar 4

      Time for Miami? I bought Miami RE in early 2009, paid about the same price then than it was in 2004… AND the Canadian dollar was at parity. Now, prices already rebounded, and I gain 25% on the currency alone… for me, its time to sell then!
      I fear another crisis coming as the little upside we had was fueled by cheap credit. Some will never learn. Negative rates in Europe will kill banks and savers who will keep money in their mattresses, against politiciens expectations. China’s Yuan will weaken, crushing all the wanna be rich who borrowed in $ to invest in WLPs. Not to mention the global aging problem … thats it, I’m selling Miami, I’m buying a retirement home!

  2. Winchupuata commented on Mar 4

    Didn’t a Merryl Lynch report from a couple of weeks ago or something put Miami as the second most over valued city in the US, after Houston? I don’t know if I would buy anything in Miami right now, prices are stupidly high.

  3. intlacct commented on Mar 4

    Come back, Little Housing!

    I have done the belt and suspenders thing – third pillar assets plus indulging my strange fascination with residential real estate. I’ve taken it on the chin plenty. So far mostly buying low and buying even lower. At some point I would at least like the option to sell somewhat higher!

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