Star Trek Fans Are ‘Spocking’ Canadian $5 Bills

I know I mentioned this earlier this morning, but really, how awesome is this:


‘Star Trek’ fans told to stop ‘Spocking’ Canadian $5 bill
Source: Toronto Sun


The Toronto Sun is reporting that:

“A drive was launched in the aftermath of Nimoy’s death on Friday to ink the features of his most famous character, Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, on five dollar bills showing a portrait of Canada’s seventh prime minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier.

Large numbers of the notes in circulation now show Laurier with Spock’s pointy ears, trademark haircut and eyebrows, a Star Trek badge and the character’s mantra “live long and prosper”.

Live long and prosper . . .

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  1. A commented on Mar 4

    That’s approx 3.50 U.S.
    And more colorful.

  2. Jack commented on Mar 5

    I dunno. A little Blankfein there?

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