Ray Dalio’s World View

Ray Dalio’s world view

Fareed talks to Ray Dalio, founder of the largest hedge fund, about his success and his views on the global economy.

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Source: CNN

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  1. VennData commented on Apr 28

    I wonder how hard Ray laughed at Fareed’s insistence that STEM education is stupid.

  2. IanMud commented on Apr 28

    In the interview, Ray Dalio says:

    “I love to find people that disagree with me … and I can see it through their eyes and I can consider”

    “So it’s the dealing with what one doesn’t know that is more effective.”

    Apropos today’s other discussion on “Death Taxes” and road taxes, one can only hope that as a society decision makers can reintroduce themselves to the approaches that Ray so articulately outlines. We have been conditioned to discount the other side because the representations that we see of that side are rigid, repugnant and either ill-informed or willfully manipulative. But, those are the extremes. Most of us lie somewhere in the middle but our voices are not heard because we see little value in yelling.

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