10 Weekend Reads

Good Saturday morning. Pour yourself a hot mug of Brazilian Arabica, and enjoy our longer form weekend reads:

• iPhone Killer: The Secret History of the Apple Watch (Wired)
• Renegades of Junk: The Rise and Fall of the Drexel Empire (Bloomberg)
• Wall Street Executives from the Financial Crisis of 2008: Where Are They Now? (Vanity Fair)
• The PayPal Mafia: An inside look at the hyperintelligent, superconnected pack of serial entrepreneurs who left the payment service and are turning Silicon Valley upside down. (Fortune)
• The Great Cocaine Treasure Hunt: If you knew where a million dollars’ worth of blow was buried, would you go dig it up? Rodney Hyden would. We pick up the story at this critical juncture (GQ)
• The Revolution Will Probably Wear Mom Jeans (The Baffler)
• Inside the Weird, Noble World of Autograph Collectors (Vice)
• Tech companies are sending your secrets to crowdsourced armies of low-paid workers (Fusion)
• Counter-Swarm: A Guide to Defeating Robotic Swarms (War On The Rocks)
• Six seconds that shaped 1,500 songs (BBC) see also 70 songs to celebrate Eric Clapton’s 70th birthday (Mashable)

Be sure to check out this week’s Masters in Business with chef and restaurateur Bobby Flay.



Record Temperatures Impacted Consumers

Source: MarketWatch


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