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My little paper on Fox News has gotten an extraordinary amount of attention, downloaded 25,000 times already.

I added a follow-up on how unskewed polls may have cost the Republicans the 2012 election by creating self-delusion about how well Romney was doing. Perhaps this is why 58 percent of Republicans thought the 2012 election was stolen.

I discussed my Fox paper on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” on Sunday.

Jack Shafer phoned-in a column discussing it in Politico that mostly attacks me for things I didn’t say.

However, Jim Fallows thought I was “lucid” in The Atlantic.

A writer at TPM was surprised to discover that academics have been studying the “Fox effect” for years.

The UK Independent newspaper also took note of my study.

Rush Limbaugh’s comments prove my point about the conservative bubble. As he says, he is the only news source conservative need. I’ll take it as flattery.

-Bruce Bartlett

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  1. WickedGreen commented on May 27

    Right-winger pleased with himself that still loonier right-wingers flip their lids over his oh-so-sensible thoughts. Frame much?

    “Ugh … me, Neanderthal look good compared to knuckle-draggers back in cave!”

    Congrats. Maybe the aforementioned manipulated “news” organizations will run a headline: “Republican appears to grow brainstem – details at 11”.

    I don’t care how many times over the powers that be reflate my scandalously necessary portfolio or pump up the “value” of an “asset”.

    The GOP has massively damaged this country – maybe forever. Willingly. For their own ends.

    It’s criminal.

  2. VennData commented on May 27


    As rich, powerful, media elites with many Twitters followers complain that they can’t sit around all day and collect 5% from a safe bond portfolio and that we don’t have the same level of housing starts “we had in 2007” it is great to have well-researched fact-based data to provide to the biased whose friends all tel them this or that.

    I have forwarded your article on Reagan’s Tax hikes

    That the National Review has removed from their site…

    …blotted out like some old Soviet photo. How proud the National review must be to doctor the record, removed sourced material to further the interests of their entrenched elites.

  3. SethB commented on May 27

    This is a good summary. But I’m waiting for the version that does not shy away from the term “propaganda” or from comparing its content to historical systematic propaganda techniques, whether German or Soviet or Chinese, deliberately used to incite nationalism and to engender fear and loathing of certain segments of society. Historically, those segments have been ethnic or religious groups. Fox, however, only starts there. They want their audience to fear and loathe “liberals” in general–in other words, nearly half of society.

  4. Moss commented on May 30

    It all starts with ‘fooling the gullible’.

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