The Sequel Map

Source: Nerdist

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  1. CD4P commented on May 31

    The Hangover II should’ve been subtitled Cashing In. The EPA should’ve quarantined Hangover III.

  2. Robert M commented on May 31

    More fun than I’ve time for. Saving for a beach read to empty my mind.

  3. rd commented on May 31

    The graph tells me they are actually doing a decent job making sequels. They will generally only make sequels of successful movies, the first criteria of which is box office gross and secondarily artistic quality. So below average movies will generally not getting sequels which means that sequels are generally made of above average movies. That makes it tough to outscore the previous movies as you have to do better than above average, so just treading water with the original usually means you did well, either financially or artistically.