Futures: New Layout at Bloomberg

I really like the clean web layout for Bloomberg Futures (free):


click for updated futures




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  1. machinehead commented on Jun 3

    The interface is so clean that no one will have a clue that PT1 means Canada, IS1 means Mexico, and BZ1 means Brazil. (And I’m not letting on how I decoded this closely-held secret.)

    Nice thumbnail charts, though … whatever they are!

  2. VennData commented on Jun 3



    The second “Last” column has the market yield. So it needs a little work.

    Of course Republicans believe that unless the software works Immediately it’s destined to fail like Obamacare (Which is why the squawking heads spewing GOP nonsense are to be ignored.)

  3. boveri commented on Jun 3

    The missing component in the Bloomberg table is what the fair value is. For example S&P futures are down `1 point but that’s from the futures level which is ~two points higher than fair value.

    U.S. Stock Futures as shown on CNN Money:
    S&P -1.50 / -0.07%
    Level 2,114.50
    Fair Value 2,112.45
    Difference 2.05

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