Why the Daily Show had to change

Barack Obama changed American politics. So the Daily Show had to change too.




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  1. VennData commented on Jun 4

    I like Kennedy’s dog… wait that’s Obama’s!


  2. BennyProfane commented on Jun 4

    Wait, what? tf? Is this commentator serious? What world does he live in? Oh, wait, I know, the liberal political boggy world, which, from the sound of his voice, he joined after six years in the liberal world of academia. After all this time, he actually thinks Obama is a liberal? Is he familiar with our present “trade” negotiations? The total lack of prosecutions in the banking sector? The gift to insurance companies known as Obamacare? Drones? Egypt? I mean, c’mon. Enough with the us and them.

    The only change I have seen in the Daily Show is that they have to work a little harder to expose the stupidity, greed, venality, and just utter dumbness that is DC with a President who actually had to work for his degrees. Bush was easy, just, you know, show a tape of a speech and sit back. Obama requires a little digging. A little.

    Perry announced today. That makes ten in the clown car. I have a hard time understanding why Stewart isn’t waiting until after ’16. The raw material is awesome. He just doesn’t care anymore, I guess.

    • hue commented on Jun 5

      same car different clowns from 08, 12 … wait some same clowns. will Perry remember which department cabinet he want to get rid of this time? Steward has been there, down that and that and that and that

  3. theexpertisin commented on Jun 4

    The best comedian humor contains an element of truth. Stewart and Obama are equals.

  4. intlacct commented on Jun 5

    It took 400 years to get here race-wise. It will take 400 years to get out.

  5. Molesworth commented on Jun 5

    Just the opposite IMHO. Stewart appears sad that he hasn’t made a dent in the insanity. News coverage is still pathetic. Politicians still pander. He’s spent years exposing hypocrisy to cheering audiences and nothing has changed. How long can you pound the table?

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