10 Monday AM Reads

We are deep into the summer, trading volumes are light, but the news flow is relentless. W have you covered with your morning train reads:

• Berkshire Hathaway’s Bright Future: Warren Buffett has positioned Berkshire Hathaway to prosper long after he steps down as CEO. (Barron’s)
• How to fix the Euro (Interfluidity)
• Gold is doomed (WonkBlog)
• Housel: Why rules of thumb beat precision (Fool)
• A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Paul Tudor Jones About Investing and Trading (25iq)

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  1. ch commented on Jul 27

    “Gold is doomed” = “Death of Equities”

    • VennData commented on Jul 27

      Another straw man from the gold bugs.

      Read rhe aeticle Goldbug goof. No one says it’s doomed. It just ain’t going to make you more than stocks over the long run.

  2. ilsm commented on Jul 27

    Long ‘on the one hand’ discussion of ISIS without mentioning Saudi use of proxies to advance their Sunni purge of Shi’a. And that for each Sunni in Iraq there are two Shiites, who were suppressed by the Sunni (unionist, less nationalist) Baath party.

    As long as the US’ Gulf ‘ally’, a repressive, religious monarchy, uses ISIS the US is “dancing on the edge” of a senseless debacle.

    • rd commented on Jul 27

      The Middle East is a domestic dispute between relatives (different tribes from similar roots). The police don’t like to get called out to domestic disputes because invariably they turn on the policeman, as Iraq and Afghanistan did on the US. Once the police leave, the domestic dispute resumes.

  3. swag commented on Jul 27

    Police chases kill more people each year than floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and lightning — combined


    “But the most shocking thing is that innocent bystanders — meaning people not at all involved with the chase — account for 27 percent of all police chase deaths, or 87 deaths per year. If that number seems high to you, just start Googling. Some recent headlines:

    •Car fleeing cops jumps curb, kills two children in Detroit
    •Chicago Police Sued for High-Speed Chase That Killed Baby
    •Boy on Scooter Killed by Car Leading Police on High Speed Chase Near San Leandro

    This underscores a key fact that may seem obvious: high speed police chases are incredibly dangerous not just to the people involved in them, but to everyone who crosses their path. And given that many chases happen in urban areas, on densely populated city streets, the hazard to residents is high.

    Given the high risk, you might assume that cops only give chase to the most violent criminals, in circumstances in which the hazards of a high-speed chase are outweighed by the risk posed by the criminals, right? But you’d be wrong.”

    • rd commented on Jul 27

      Its also why they equip policemen with radios. Radio waves travel faster than any car invented to date.

  4. Molesworth commented on Jul 27

    Wish you had a thumbs up button.
    Thumbs up to @ilsm

    “Certain things are not known to those who eat with forks.”
    ~ Rudyard Kipling

  5. VennData commented on Jul 27

    “…Political observers — myself included — can’t figure out what to make of Trump’s ascent…”


    You media morons treat the GOP and the Democratic Party as similar, equal voices that must have their views put forth. You also do not live out here with the morons the Privately funded GOP media machine has created.

    The Anti-science, racist, sexist, Bomb-Bomb-Bomb, tax cuts for the rich beyond all else party is NOT the same. Republicans are the problem in this country

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Jul 27

      Democrats like the privatizing Union busting Rahm Emanuel aren’t any better.

    • formerlawyer commented on Jul 27

      Trump is a foul mouthed toddler.
      You know the ones like Honey Boo Boo that say outrageous things and then look for approval. Americans call it plain speaking – even if its non-sensical and contradictory.

      Trump is a thin skinned toddler.
      You know the ones that throw tantrums and call names.
      Then get outraged when their targets respond – Americans call that a media conspiracy.

      Trump is a boastful toddler.
      You know the ones that says look at me – I have the most toys.
      Americans call that a successful business man – even though he has gone bankrupt numerous times and his “goodwill” valuations on his “brand” are laughable.

      Trump is an insecure toddler.
      You know the ones that call themselves the best ever and disparage other countries immigrants with broad strokes and mythical walls.
      Americans call that american exceptionalism and patriotism.

      Trump is a cowardly toddler.
      You know the ones that hit out then run to mommy to say that a bad man attacked me.
      Americans call that military deferment and free speech.

      Trump is a confused toddler.
      You know the ones that promise anyone anything at all times.
      Americans call that pandering to the base and being flexible.

      And that hair…

    • RW commented on Jul 27

      @formerlawyer, all true, yet he still leads the Republican polls.

      Doubtless he’ll fall soon enough but in the meantime he has rendered visible essential features of movement conservatism and its supporters, features the leaders of that movement would never want revealed for rather obvious reasons.

      Unintentional of course but a valuable service for the country regardless.

    • howardoark commented on Jul 27

      “American Exceptionalism” does not mean that we are better than any other people. It was a term coined by de Tocqueville which sums up why Americans are different than other peoples – we come from a country without a landed aristocracy and hence we don’t grow up thinking we need to tug on the forelock when some fourth generation assclown (like Trump) walks by. I hate it when people conflate that simple, and true idea, with the rah rah super patriotism of the uneducated. The same exceptionalism also applies to the Canadians and Icelanders.

    • formerlawyer commented on Jul 28

      Oops my previous comment was directed at howardoak. Sorry!

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Jul 27

      My Dream is Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump in a three way race that Bernie wins.
      My nightmare is Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump in a three way race, that “who cares” wins.

  6. kcarver commented on Jul 27

    Zoom in on the plate on the white VW on the left. Either you have a huge fan in Centerville, Ohio or somebody likes their drink or both.


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