10 Sunday Reads

Start your first day of the week with our slow brewed Sunday morning reads:

• Why European Earnings Will Power Past U.S. (Bloomberg)
• U.S. Markets Are an Oasis for Buy-and-Hold Investors (NYT)
• It’s Hard to Bet Against Houses (Bloomberg View)
• Gold is Dead, Long Live Gold: Heavy is the head that wears the crown. (Market Anthology)
• Amazon and Apple Take Part in a Keynesian Beauty Contest (Marketbeat)
• How an investing giant taught Chicago kids financial literacy and disproved the doubters (Fortune)
• 1-800-HIRE-A-CROWD: The business of generating fake enthusiasm, from flash mobs to the campaign trail (The Atlantic)
• Do You Know What Your Time Is Really Worth? New online tools help people value an hour; the time vs. money trade-off (WSJ)
• Want more wind and solar? We’ll need to get rid of outdated grid rules. (Vox)
• The surprisingly sad saga of the Oregon State Library Girl (Daily Dot)

What are you reading?


Dollar Watchers Look to IMF
Going Green
Source: WSJ


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  1. RW commented on Jul 26

    Can Rich Countries be Reliable Partners for National Development?

    The world is shifting in ways that make it difficult for rich countries to continue being reliable partners for the national development aspirations of the citizens of poor countries. How the tensions between the differing objectives and resistance of national governments will play out in setting the new global agenda for development, as well as in defining the concrete actions of development organizations, remains to be seen.

    I suspect that existing development organizations—both multilateral and bilateral—will be unable to remake themselves enough to remain relevant to the national development agendas of poor countries.

    NB: In context the initiative for a new global infrastructure bank is not surprising; China at least is paying attention.

  2. RW commented on Jul 26

    WRT the Bloomberg article on the tailwinds that will help Europe earnings “power past” the U.S.

    Europe will do better particularly now that austerity is being practiced less (even as it is preached) but it’s economic growth is still not likely to impress Headwinds, as it were, remain in force.

  3. CD4P commented on Jul 26

    Re: “1-800-HIRE-A-CROWD”: Probably the first group to be replaced by robots once it becomes feasible. Don’t worry though, as I am sure the political folk will make sure the tab is expensed to the taxpayer.

  4. DeDude commented on Jul 26

    Perry has a “brilliant” idea:


    Lets all carry weapons into dark crowded movie theaters. Then the terrorists just have to set off a few firecrackers before all the morons stand up and start shooting at all the other morons with guns since nobody knows who is a good guy and who is bad. Collateral damage from those who can’t hit their intended target will take care of the rest, not a single person coming out alive.

  5. RW commented on Jul 26

    Word for the day


    Government under the control of a nation’s worst or least-qualified citizens.

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