2001 BMW Z8

I have always lusted after the Z8 — but the price keeps creeping higher. Here’s a great color combo out on a 2001 out of all places of Croatia:





Source: Classic Driver

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  1. Seaton commented on Jul 17

    Delightful. An out-of-reach dream for myself as well. Perhaps a blue XK8 will have to do …

  2. Paul Mathis commented on Jul 17

    So basically a Camaro, but slower and less fuel efficient. I’ll take the ’16 SS convert with 80 more hp, magnetic shocks and launch control at less than half the 1991 price.


    ADMIN: Nothing like a Camaro — and much much more beautiful

  3. bmz commented on Jul 17

    BMW Z cars will get you many more bangs for the buck.

  4. Herman Frank commented on Jul 17

    Hey there Mr. Bimmer in Germany! Can you hear my heartfelt cry from across the Ocean? Can you see my tears from your Bavarian mountain top? “Please, pretty PLEASE (with mustard on top!), PLEASE give us a successor to the Z8?!” Something like the Z8, to lust for, to crave, to stare at, to dream about ….. please?

  5. richartruddie commented on Jul 21

    Confirmed that Paul Mathis knows very little about cars and obviously Barry from your many posts on cars you have fine taste. What do you think about the 993 Porsche Turbos.

    If you ever have a chance to own a Z8 I promise you it is worth every mile you drive that you will find yourself Googling BMW z8 best car ever?

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