Motorists Are Shelling Out More on Vehicle Repairs

Source: WSJ

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  1. Andy T commented on Aug 17

    I can think of a few other important other reasons** why these costs would be going up, other than “deteriorating” roads. But alas, the data is being put forward by the “Highway Administration”….so yeah, we need to spend 780 Billion on some new roads.

    ** Other reason could include 1) the tendency to own/maintain cars longer; 2) rising costs of car mechanics who must be more skilled to fix today’s vehicles; 3) Global Warming [catchall excuse]

  2. willid3 commented on Aug 17

    its one of those pay me now or pay me later.
    you can either a little more at the pump when you buy fuel

    or you can pay later when you have to get the vehicle fixed. usually a lot more all at once

  3. theexpertisin commented on Aug 17

    Riding on Chicago side streets one would think they were in a Third World country.Then again…….

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Aug 18

      Yes! Yes! Yes! And the permanently “under construction” interstates.

  4. DeDude commented on Aug 17

    I guess that as long as the expense is not a tax it doesn’t matter if its twice the money – at least not if you are a moron.

  5. save_the_rustbelt commented on Aug 17

    The Tea Lunatics who have taken over Michigan will not raise taxes to fix roads, even as the roads crumble and the auto repair bills rise.

    Worse yet, a few decades ago the trucking industry bought off the politicians and we run extremely heavy trucks, much heavier than other states. Our roads crumble faster than most.

    Tired of buying tires.

  6. Rich in NJ commented on Aug 17

    To pretend to believe in American exceptionalism without supporting significant infrastructure spending makes a person a contemptible hypocrite.

    • DeDude commented on Aug 18

      Maybe they think we are exceptionally resistant to having our kidneys shaken loose.

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