Justice Inaction: The Department of Justice’s Unprecedented Failure to Prosecute Big Finance

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  1. willid3 commented on Sep 11

    i suspect this is business as usual, as has been for at least 100 years. with a few exceptions, government doesnt prosecute the 1% for financial crimes, and some times not even for others (seems like there was that case where a well to do boy killed some folks but ended up with at most probation).

    the times it has actually done much, is because the mess was too big to ignore (tea pot dome, enron, etc). but with a captured media (but in the tea pot dome scandal, you had the same thing, it just happened to leak out any way) they aent really doing their part. not because the reporters wont but because they rarely get the opportunity to do so, because of cost pressures. after they are one of the jobs that is possibly going to be replaced by automation. and we probably wont even know that a compute wrote the story we read

  2. rd commented on Sep 11

    “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.” – Honore de Balzac

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