Arguing With Gun Nuts on Twitter Bingo

Not you, I mean the real nuts!



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  1. rd commented on Oct 6

    Americans that don’t want to be shot are a very narrow interest group and besides, there is no way to prevent it.

    As somebody who grew up in another country, the whole concept that more firearms, especially lots of handguns and hi-cap magazines, makes one safer is truly baffling. However, Americans do like their Western Frontier myths, such as less regulation makes one safer, reduced taxes increases tax receipts, and arming as many people as possible reduces injuries and deaths. Actual data indicating the inverse are treated as inconvenient at best and generally viewed as likely to be highly erroneous. As a result, it appears the only serious discussion is being done by comedians as the serious people in charge live in a world of fake information and rampant corruption.

    • Futuredome commented on Oct 6

      funny, it is Hollywood created myths. without the government, most of these people would be finished and working in the salt mines roman style.

    • DeDude commented on Oct 6

      It’s the curse of diversity. Americans are scared shitless that one of those “other” groups (usually other skin color) will come to kill/rob/rape them – and they see their only defense as being armed sufficiently that they single handed (Cowboy style) can defend themselves against that.

    • wally commented on Oct 6

      Well it always works in the movies. And books. It really is a true American myth that violence solves problems – works for everybody from John Wayne to the Karate Kid.

    • Winchupuata commented on Oct 7

      I believe you are exactly right, this is a huge country with the most diverse population on earth and no one likes anyone else, everyone distrusts everyone else and the only way to feel safe is to have a gun.

    • DeDude commented on Oct 7

      Distrust and slight hostility towards other tribes is in our genes – they may steel your bananas/territory. Only when some big outside threat scares everybody can that ingrained hostility towards other tribes be temporarily suspended because of the need for alliances. Old folks always talk about how the country “comes together” during war.

  2. curmudgeon2000 commented on Oct 6

    Amusing. Missing is “we need guns to prevent against government tyranny.”

    Of course, by framing it as bingo, the implication is that it is possible to win. But
    arguing with gun nuts is a losing game every time.

  3. willid3 commented on Oct 6

    well many seem to think restricting gun sales to the mentally ill wont help, but for some reason they are convinced that those same mentally ill will make reasoned choice when confronted by people with guns. never mind that there are many examples of armed individuals (such as police officers, who have the guns showing on their hip even!) getting killed by the bad ‘guys’ with guns

  4. kaleberg commented on Oct 6

    The phrase “restricting gun sales to the mentally ill” is ambiguous. Is the idea that ONLY mentally ill people should be able to buy guns or that we should prevent the sales of guns to mentally ill people. I’m assuming the latter, but I can imagine some interesting arguments for the former.

  5. Lord commented on Oct 6

    “It’s the presses fault. If we just ignored them.. “

  6. intlacct commented on Oct 6

    Sounds like me with the anti-gold in a portfolio types… ;)

  7. intlacct commented on Oct 6

    ‘This is my pencil, this is my gun. This one’s for fightin’, this one’s for fun.’

  8. bigsteve commented on Oct 7

    I live in a rural area where guns are a part of life. We have been socialize that you do not use them to solve arguments and you must use them responsibly Gun violence is very rare in my area even though most of us are armed to the teeth.

    That said there are other areas in our country where gun violence is common and people are dying in large numbers. We need wise leaders to deal with honouring my tradition and stopping the senseless killing going on elsewhere . As many people have pointed out it is very hard to predict who will go off their rocker and commit a mass murder with guns. Most, the vast majority of people with the symptoms of mass gun murders never do that deed. Would you curtail gun rights of millions of people for the few who do?

    Which gets us to the point it is easier to regulate guns than people. So sensible regulation to reduce the ability of the insane to get guns and then using high ammo capacity guns to kill a great number of people quickly is common sense.

    Also we need to work on changing our culture on guns because most gun deaths are not from mass shootings but a one on one thing. Other countries with high gun ownership do not have the gun death rate we have. So crud just happens is a cop out.

    I live near Orlando Florida and in my youth we were deep, deep south with all that implied. Now we are a minority majority county. It is common when I go out to eat to see people of all ethnicities and ages eating together and often intermarried. Attitudes have completely changed in what once was a highly bigoted area. I really do not see it as some posters that people are owning guns because of being scared of others (minorities). This problem is much more complicated than that.

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