Inside the Self-Driving Car

Source: CBS News


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  1. Whammer commented on Oct 6

    I live and work near Google and the other SV Car headquarters; I recognize most of the streets shown.

    Mercedes PR deserves some kudos for the puff piece they got out of this. Not too long ago MBZ used to run a commercial about their autonomous cars and how they had more than 10,000 miles of testing. Google probably has close to 2 million miles of testing by now. I see the Google cars all the time — 2-4 times a day, and I’m only on the road for maybe 40 minutes a day total. I think I’ve seen a Benz once (I’ve seen a Nissan once too).

    Stanford has a big R&D effort around autonomous driving, Cal does too. You’d think 60 minutes could have squeezed a little footage in from one or both of those universities, especially since Stanford is 10 minutes away….

    Why do you suppose MBZ got most of the air time in this piece?? Surely it has nothing to do with ad purchases on CBS, right? Perish the thought……

  2. bigsteve commented on Oct 7

    Just in time for Boomers as we age. This would solve a major problem for old folks who cannot drive any more. I am a skilled driver, driving almost 20K miles a year but actually hate to drive. So even before I reach the point of hanging up my car keys would use this invention. This is a huge potential market and and business opportunity.

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