10 Monday AM Reads

Back from the holidays, 5 pounds heavier, right back in the swing of things with our morning train reads:

• Would you let a mystic manage your investment portfolio? (Washington Post)
• Another Banner Year for Hindsight Capital (Reformed Broker)
• How A Fellow Investor Critiqued This Trader (Stock Chartssee also 10 Investment Commandments (Investing Caffeine)
• Owning an asteroid now legal in United States (Market Business News)
• The Norwegian Secret To Enjoying A Long Winter (Fast Company)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments, who manages $68 billion dollars.

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  1. VennData commented on Nov 30

    Karl Rove Opens His Rolodex for Ben Carson


    Ben Carson? Rove can say he’s positioning himself to the lead Trump fighter. That will get you money, some press. But more attacks from Trump.

    But Ben Carson? That sort of desperation is comical. He’s clearly stating Carson is THAT much better than Trump to be the guy who takes withering criticism last week.


    But Ben Carson?

    • Jojo commented on Nov 30

      Is Trump “history” already?

      I ask because the history channel is featuring this special tonight:
      The Making of Trump
      9:00 PM on HISTW 62, 2 hr 3 min 2015 TV-PG

      A profile of the personal and professional lives of businessman-entrepreneur-politician Donald Trump.

    • rd commented on Nov 30

      He’s from Canada, not Texas. That’s what his birth certificate says.

    • VennData commented on Nov 30

      The Republcans officials who are the hand puppets of the GOP Media Machine screeching about the horrors of America’s demise, predicted the end of the nation at the hands of Obama now rally around Rubio to deflect Cruz!?

      ROFL! You clowns are getting what you deserve. What YOU wrought.

      This is so much fun. Can’t wait to see you walk about a generation of nuttiness in your Trump/Cruz party.

      Trump/Cruz that is The Base.

  2. VennData commented on Nov 30

    Two-Thirds of Americans Want U.S. to Join Climate Change Pact


    The other third supporter Trump/Cruz

  3. RW commented on Nov 30

    Looks like the Chinese yuan is about to get added to the IMF’s SDR’s. Why that’s good news.
    …as a reserve currency in the SDR mix, China will surely be less likely to aggressive manage their currency such that it is significantly misaligned in terms of its value against other currencies. And for those of us who worry about US trade deficits that have been significant negatives for about 40 years (!) and thus a barrier to achieving full employment, that’s good news.

  4. RW commented on Nov 30

    Transferring robot incomes to people
    What if work were decoupled from income? What if, once robots took over, every human had a minimal income so they could still have the means to participate in the marketplace?

    NB: Interesting idea but if you’re going to explore then why add fences; e.g., there is no implicit logic for a given income level, “minimal” or otherwise, once work and income are unlinked particularly if you suspect this technological wave could reduce the employment prospects of knowledge workers, skilled workers and unskilled workers alike.

    • Jojo commented on Nov 30

      How robots will even affect the jobs of people we thought were immune
      By Ana Swanson
      November 6, 2015

      We’re used to thinking that the jobs that are most likely to be taken over by automation are low-skilled ones: clerks, lowly paper pushers, assembly line workers. In contrast, those on the very high end of the wage scale — doctors, CEOs and hedge fund managers — seem like they will be comfortably insulated from the robot revolution.

      But new research from McKinsey & Company, a consultancy, shows that that isn’t quite right. While there is a connection between a job’s skill level and the likelihood it will be automated, there are a lot of jobs that don’t fit that pattern. One example: CEOs, whose jobs will be more affected by automation than landscapers, the researchers say.


    • willid3 commented on Nov 30

      course he could also have been a US senator from Texas too

    • Jojo commented on Dec 1

      I do if I can stay healthy.

      However, it will be something that you would want to know early in life so that you could ensure that you save enough for an extended retirement.

    • Jojo commented on Dec 1

      I like this idea!

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