100 Years of Frank Sinatra

Tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of Ole BLue Eyes birth, and to celebrate we have a few choice recordings (scroll down to play them), and of course, an infographic:


Source: OUP



Fly Me To The Moon

I’ve got you under my skin

Come Fly With Me

That’s Life


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  1. Iamthe50percent commented on Dec 11

    When I was in Vegas in 1976, Paul Anka claimed he wrote it.

  2. Jojo commented on Dec 12

    How Frank Sinatra changed the world
    By David Lehman
    Updated 2:04 PM ET, Fri December 11, 2015

    (CNN) December 12 is the 100th birthday of Frank Sinatra.

    From Las Vegas to New Hope, Pennsylvania, fans are toasting Old Blue Eyes at black-tie dinner parties with Rat Pack entertainment. Siriusly Sinatra satellite radio is going wall-to-wall Frank. He is the star of the month on Turner Classic Movies.

    Why do people continue to celebrate this man? Begin with his musical genius. As long as melody and harmony are valued, people will listen to, and dance to, and make love to the sounds of Sinatra.


  3. Expat commented on Dec 12

    My Way was not written by Sinatra, nor was it written for Sinatra…well, not entirely.

    The melody was written by Claude François. Paul Anka changed it slightly and wrote lyrics specifically for Sinatra. So, while it is certainly Sinatra’s signature song, it is the result of two very un-Sinatra-esque musicians, François and Anka.

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