Daily News calls NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre a terorrist

Wow, thats pretty amazing:


Via Daily News

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  1. catman commented on Dec 7

    So who owns the Daily News these days? I remember buying it for a nickel. Wayne is more like a plugged nickel.

  2. DeDude commented on Dec 7

    Not only is he aiding and abetting terrorists – so he is a terrorist – he is a CHRISTIAN terrorist. You know according to Fox you gotta tell it like it is.

    • VennData commented on Dec 7

      Should we be letting him in the country?

      Will President Trump go after his family?

    • rd commented on Dec 8

      There are probably a lot of First Nations’ people out there thinking that they should have had an anti-immigration policy against Christians way back. If only they had known then the population decline that Christian germs and guns would inflict on them, they could have acted wisely on immigration.

  3. willid3 commented on Dec 7

    well i figure the ‘reasoning’ that is used to explain why even more guns is so powerful, is it appeals to those who like guns to begin with, and it makes them feel more powerful, when in other areas they might not be so, and that there are real examples of where the theory completely collapses is over ridden because those folks just werent preparted or as good as ‘i am’; course it helps the gun makers bottom line, and profits, so they are of course will support all who will help them with that (much like any business would).

    • ilsm commented on Dec 8

      A country besieged by terrorists cannot have enough homegrown terrorists! 30,000 gun casualties a year is small price to pay responding to al Qaeda.

      I am flummoxed the Daily News don’t see this!


    • DeDude commented on Dec 8

      Next thing we should do is to alienate 1.1 billion muslims around the world such that instead of 100,000 people ready to blow themselves and us up, there will be 1,100,000,000 people alienated and disgusted enough with us to do something like that. Let the tribalistic fences be small but tall.

      Donald for Dictator.

    • rd commented on Dec 8


      I thought that was official US policy for a few decades now.

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