Importance of Fiduciary Standard

The other day, I discussed our inverted research business model. A client was discussing this with us, asking for an example of a topic we have covered.

Since the Fiduciary Standard is in the news, it was as good a topic as any to use as an example. Here is what we have put out on this important subject:



The enlightened view on managing other people’s money

Imagine: Brokers Who Work for Investors

Find a financial advisor who will put your interests first

A Fiduciary Critic, Representing Whose Interest?

Brits May Cap Retirement-Plan Fees, Should We?

Brokers Behaving Badly

What Are the Good Anti-Fiduciary Arguments?

Takeover Bid for an Agency Banking Can’t Stand

Fiscal Hawks Should Love Cheaper Retirement Plans

Fiduciary Duty of Brokers

Backstage Wall Street on Fiduciary Standard for Advisors

Might ‘Fiduciary Standard’ = A Blow to CEFs

Regulating Big Firm Bad Behavior



The Most Horrendous Lie on Wall Street

One Way to Solve the Fiduciary Debate: Truth in Advertising

The “Fake Fiduciary” Pivot

QOTD: The Fiduciary Fight Gets Real

The First Martyr of the Fiduciary Movement

‘Fiduciary Standard’ for Brokers is Going to Happen

Congress Debates ‘Fiduciary Standard’ For Brokers This Week

Should you buy mutual funds from your bank?

Reckoning for the Rollover Pigs

The Broker vs Advisor Debate Goes Mainstream

I want you to picture a furnace…

On the Toxic Model of the Wirehouse Advisor

SEC Recommends Uniform Standard of Care

Can Salesmen Ever Truly Become Stewards?

What is a Stockbroker? America Has No Clue.

What Obama’s “Brokers as Fiduciaries” Change Really Means


Ben Carlson:

The Impact of the Fiduciary Standard on the Finance Industry


Kris Venne:

Is your financial advisor acting as your fiduciary?


Michael Batnick:



Tony & Dina Isola:

A Sales Model that Makes Revenue Sharing Look Investor Friendly

The World’s Lamest Excuse for a High-Fee Investment

When Business Dares to Get Personal

Class Action Could Mean Trouble for Insurers

Gate Keepers from Hell

Obama vs. Savers ???

What is the WSJ Editorial Board Smoking?


This is by no means an exhaustive list, but simply shows the breadth of thinking, discussion, analysis and commentary on a given topic.

I believe the strength of these arguments, the collective insights and commentary has helped in some small way to push the debate on this in the right direction.

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