MiB: Darren Walker, Ford Foundation

In our latest Masters in Business podcast, we speak with Darren Walker of the $12.5 billion Ford Foundation.

Walker is a ‘Horatio Alger” story, going from humble beginnings to running one of the nation’s largest foundations. He began his career as an Attorney (he worked at Cleary Gottlieb) and an investment banker (at UBS). He was born in a charity hospital in Lafayette, Louisiana, raised by a single mother in LA. and later Texas; and was one of the country’s first children to benefit from the Head Start Program.

He presently serves on the Boards of Carnegie Hall, New York City Ballet, High Line, Arcus Foundation, Council on Foreign Relations, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; he is also co-chair of the New York Public Library Council, vice-chairman at the New York City Ballet.

If you are all interested in philanthropy and how specific causes are funded, this is very much a must listen podcast.

You can stream the full podcast below, or download it on Apple iTunes, Bloomberg, or SoundCloud. All of our earlier podcasts are available iTunesSoundcloud and Bloomberg.



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