Barron’s: Whose Better for Investors, Trump or Clinton?

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Longtime readers probably already know my answer: You don’t know, can’t tell in advance, and it probably doesn’t matter (short term) anyway which candidate becomes president.

Recall that some investors believed Obama to be a Muslim Kenyan Socialist who was going to destroy the Dow — just before the market tripled during his presidency. And before him, George W. Bush was gong to blow out the deficits, kill employment, and cause other problems — instead, the market nearly doubled.

I know that actual, reality based response won’t be satisfactory to most people. So I will point you to this week’s Barron’s

“On the presidential campaign trail, Hillary Clinton has called out Wall Street for wrecking Main Street during the financial crisis. And her desire to jack up taxes on short-term capital gains isn’t exactly good news for the investor class.

Yet Clinton, the strong favorite to win the Democratic nomination, seems better suited to help the markets than the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump. With a Trump-Clinton race looking more likely after last week’s Super Tuesday voting, Barron’s has sized up each candidate’s positions on taxes, spending, trade, and other issues that directly affect markets.”

You know what my views are; make up your own minds . . .


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Barron’s Cover: Trump or Clinton: Who’s Better for Investors?
Why Republicans will likely hold their noses and vote for Hillary in the 2016 presidential election
John Kimelman
Barron’s March 5, 2016





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