Labor Force Participation Overview

From Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta:

Men, as a group, have been less and less inclined to participate in the labor market since at least World War II. From 1970 to 1999, the male participation rate declined from 80 percent to 75 percent. This decline coincided with rising participation by women, with the female participation rate increasing from 43 percent in 1970 to a peak of 60 percent in the late 1990s. By 2008, male participation had reached a new low of 73 percent, and female participation had declined slightly to around 59 percent. Between 2010 and 2013, participation declined even more steeply for both men and women. There was some stabilization in both female and male participation during 2014. Nevertheless, average female participation in 2014 was 57 percent—the lowest level since 1988—and male participation was down to a record low of 69 percent.

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta



Labor Force Participation Rate is a Non-Issue (November 15, 2015)


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