100th Episode of Master in Business Podcast

This weekend, we hit quite a milestone – Jack Schwager was our 100th podcast! (iTunes shows 98, but for some reason is missing Jeff Gundlach of Doubleline and Rob Arnott of Research Affiliates).

Having Jack as # 100 is appropriate. As I discuss in the longish intro to this podcast, he was one of the original inspirations to the show – “an audio version of Market Wizards” was how I described the idea early going. That was the PG version of what I had been envisioned as “Mark Maron’s WTF podcast meets Charlie Rose.”

I have criticized the state of financial media repeatedly over the years (see e.g., thisthis and this). Rather than merely whine, I wanted to do something about it. My idea was to turn the usual Wall Street interviews upside down. Speak to the key people who are the source of the ideas that shape markets, drive portfolio management, influence the economy, and make the modern world of business and finance what it is today. Don’t ask them about any single outcome, but rather, focus on their process. What made them the investor/business person/expert they are today?

This led to the show’s motto: No stock picks, no predictions.

Any undertaking like this is a collaboration, and it would not have happened without a few people’s extraordinary insight and assistance:

• Michael Batnick is a huge help on the research side; If you really like a question, odds are he was behind it;

• Al Mayer and Anthony Mancini not only approved the idea, but have been enormously helpful in making me, a non-professional in the world of radio, become much better

• Charlie Vollmer is the original engineer for the show, and taught me (amongst many other radio skills) how to do intros and outros,

• David Shipley and Tim O’Brian of Bloomberg View have been steadfast supporters of the show, which is a BV joint.

• Taylor Riggs is my indomitable booker/producer.

• All of the show’s guests who have been so generous with their time.

When I first announced the show 2 years ago, I made what I thought was a bold forecast: “This will become MUST LISTEN radio for anyone in the industry, as well as any serious investor.”

I hope that I have achieved that. And, it remains my goal for the next 100…

Thanks for listening.



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