10 Monday AM Reads

Welcome back to the funhouse. Start your week right with the finest morning train reads in the land:

• The Future is still Bright! (Calculated Risksee also The Evidence Against a Recession: The economy is not crashing; A number of metrics suggests 2016 may be better than 2015 (Barron’s)
• Gold may not be as safe of a haven as you thought (USAT)
• The Incalculable Value of Finding a Job You Love (Upshot)
• Not just Ailes: At Fox News, Kisses, Innuendo, Propositions and Fears of Reprisal (NYT) see also Roger Ailes’ Unparalleled Impact On The Public Sphere (NPR)
• The Golden Age of Teaching Yourself Anything (Psychology Today)

Be sure to check out our 100th edition of Masters in Business interview this weekend with Jack Schwager, the man who inspired this whole thing.

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