10 Thursday AM Reads

That was fun! I am heading back to NYC with my morning train plane reads in hand:

• Shiller’s Powerful Market Indicator Is Sending a False Signal About Stocks This Time (Wall Street Journal)
• Oil Glut? Here Comes Some More! (NYT)
• Deutsche Bank’s $14 Billion Scare (Bloomberg)
• A Onetime Housing Skeptic Plans $1 Billion Bet on Homes (Wall Street Journal)
• Biases affect professional investors just like the rest of us (Evidence-Based Investor)
• Venture Capital: It is a pricing, not a value, game! (Musings on Markets)
• Which Wine Apps Actually Help You Choose and Buy the Best Wine? (Bloomberg)
• 9 Times Donald Trump Complained About Taxes (NYT)
• ‘Science will never know it all’: Richard Dawkins, Margaret Atwood and others predict the future (The Guardian)
• How Big Is the Biggest Black Hole in the Universe? (Slate)

What are you reading?



CFPB database: Wells Fargo isn’t only bank that draws cross-selling complaints

Source: WSJ

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