My Annual Predictions for the Coming Year, 2017 Edition

Once again, it is time for my annual forecasts. The predictions for 2017 are 100% guaranteed to not be wrong:


Category Forecast
Dow Jones Industrials Not the slightest idea
S&P500 You talkin’ to me ?
10 Year Bond Could not fathom a guess
Inflation There will be ‘flation
GDP More G, Less D
Unemployment Yes, we will probably have Unemployment
Fed Fund Rates I’m thinking Purplish
Crude Oil Slippery
US Housing Market Partly sunny; afternoon chance of scattered showers
Gold Shiny!
Emerging Markets Will see its shadow
Growth in China 中國哲學書電子化計劃
ECB Rates ‎Hmmm, interesting . . .
European Sovereign Debt $%^&*!
Will Brexit happen? Maybe
Abenomics & Japan Domo Arigato
Possibility of Recession in 2017 Possibility & Probability are 2 different things
Odds President Trump completes two terms  Doesn’t matter – its a Pence admin anyway


That’s the most honest set of predictions you will read this season.

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