Swedroe’s Lessons for 2016

Larry Swedroe is director of research for the BAM ALLIANCE. The following was his take on what we learned last year.


Lessons for 2016

Lesson 1: Active Management Is a Loser’s Game

Lesson 2: So Much of Returns Come in Very Short and Unpredictable Bursts

Lesson 3: Events Occur That No One Predicted

Lesson 4: Ignore All Forecasts; All Crystal Balls Are Cloudy

Lesson 5: Even With A Clear Crystal Ball …

Lesson 6: Last Year’s Winners Are Just As Likely To Be This Year’s Dogs

Lesson 7: “Sell in May and Go Away” Is the Financial Equivalent of Astrology

Lesson 8: Hedge Funds Are Not Investment Vehicles, They Are Compensation Schemes

Lesson 9: Don’t Let Your Political Views Influence Your Investment Decisions


Go read the entire thing here.

Lessons from 2016
Larry Swedroe
BAM, 2/2/2017

Lessons from 2016

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