Masters in Business: Coming to Silicon Valley

I am very excited to share some podcast related news: We are taking MIB on the road out west to California, specifically, Silicon Valley.

Last time we did this, our interviewee was with Vanguard’s Jack Bogle.

New York is great, it gives us access to all manner of people who work in finance. The intellectual capital within driving distance is astounding: we are a short subway ride from NYU & Columbia; less than a 2 hour drive from Princeton and Yale, 4 hours from Cornell, MIT, Harvard, etc.

My thinking is that being a NYC based show, we tend to over represent the field of finance and Wall Street. We have had lots of hedge fund managers, traders, economists, strategists, analysts and others on the past near 150 shows. While I do my best to mix it up, our location determines somewhat who is physically available to come on the shows, all of which are recorded live and in person (more intimate conversation that way). Lots of people eventually pass through NYC, but even that subset tends to be a bit Wall Street / finance focused.

In Silicon Valley, we are already scheduled to speak with Technologists, Venture Capital Investors, CEOs, Analysts, Investors who we simply do not have access to in New York City. We have a killer group queued up. I don’t yet know what the rest of the week out West looks like, but I am open to suggestions!

The trip is the week of May 7th; Stay tuned for more information in the coming days.





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