Theresa May & James Comey

Comey is not the story. Democrats are creaming in their jeans over today’s testimony, believing Congress is gonna bring Trump down.

But that is untrue, the public’s gonna bring Trump down. How do I know? BRITAIN!

Brexit was the first indication that the underclass was angry, left behind, that they were afraid of losing their identity and believed globalization was the cause. And these same views played out in the Presidential election, it’s just that no one wanted to believe them. Not Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who propped up Hillary, nor the reporters who loved hanging with the rich and famous as opposed to the poor and unknown, nor the pollsters, who believed data was infallible.

Now the loss of the Conservative majority is predicated on exit polls. And who knows, those could be wrong. But one thing’s for sure, Theresa May miscalculated, she shouldn’t have called an election. She thought her party had the support of the people.

It didn’t.

And neither does Trump’s.

Of course he’s President. But if you think he’s headed for imminent impeachment you don’t know the wheels of justice grind slowly and everybody’s expendable but the President. He’ll sacrifice Sessions, even his son-in-law Jared Kushner. And even if there’s an offense, getting the Republicans to evict him from office is hard to fathom, especially after they all rallied around Trump after denigrating him.

But this is not about D.C. This is about the tenor of our country, the tenor of our world.

People are dissatisfied. They’re sick of business as usual. They didn’t like Trump so much as they hated Hillary. They didn’t want four more years of Obama not because they were racist and sexist, but because their lives had become economically stagnant in the interim. Barry was so busy being cool, appealing to the insiders, that he lost touch with the outsiders, the little people, whom Bill Clinton spoke to so effectively.

But if the elites are wrong about Theresa May, WHAT ELSE ARE THEY WRONG ABOUT?

This is the takeaway, this is the story.

I too am glued to the news, watching for every Trump faux pas. But it’s entertainment, I’m powerless, but he won and he’s in office and he’s debasing our country but the only way out of this is to wait for another election.

Now the game is rigged, via gerrymandering, but the truth is Trump’s eviscerated his support. How do I know?

Let’s start with the Paris Agreement.

Turns out corporations and governors are gonna take action independently, the tone deafness of the Administration is palpable. When you play to your core, you ignore the rest, and pulling out is not gonna save jobs, it’s not even gonna save coal. Elected officials are caught up in how things look… That doesn’t matter, it’s how things ARE!

And the truth is people trust neither politicians nor corporations. Nor should they. Politics is show business for ugly people. And the elected officials just want to get rich, just like the newsies who want to hang with power. They’re detaching from the rank and file, and it’s gonna bite ’em in the ass.

How do I know?


Why did people need poor-sounding files? Why didn’t they keep on buying overpriced CDs with one good track?

Because they were sick of being ripped-off! And they were ahead of the record labels!

The people are way ahead of the politicians, the newspeople too. The people have boots on the ground everywhere, and if they can get a job it pays poorly and they can’t get ahead and everyone’s addicted to dope. Stop crapping on the rank and file, they know more than you think they do. Just like you hated on rioters burning down buildings in their own neighborhoods, when you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose, when you’ve got no seat at the table, you resort to anarchy to have an effect.

That’s how Trump got elected. Don’t dive deep into fake news and Comey, that’s inside baseball. People wanted a change.

But most don’t want the change Trump is delivering.

So expect a wicked correction. And I’m not talking about one in the stock market, but that could tank too. You see most people don’t own stock and they don’t pay income taxes either, but they’re paying taxes all the while…payroll, sales…

As for institutions, they believe they’re rigged. They like health care, but they hate the insurance companies. You’ve got to be rich to get service in America, and they’re not.

Everybody believes it’s gonna be business as usual, go on the same forever. Russia is gonna be democratic, CDs are gonna rule and internal combustion engines are gonna pollute until the end of time. But change comes rapidly. Look at Kodak. We heard for ten years that digital was gonna replace film. Never happened. But then in ONE YEAR Kodak fell, the switch was just that fast.

So what does it all mean?

Don’t pay attention to the bloviators, the professional commentators. Everybody’s trying to get rich and have a better lifestyle and by time you make it on camera you’ve left most of humanity behind. Humanity without money, humanity without leaders, but humanity with a voice.

Want to succeed tomorrow? Champion the downtrodden, the underclass. That’s how Bernie Sanders went from zero to hero overnight. Want to be a credible rock star? Ensure your fans can get in for a cheap price, go build houses in Appalachia. Show that you remember where you came from, your roots.

But the problem is in the last few decades people have been born with silver spoons in their mouths, they’ve gone to Harvard and flown private and have no idea what’s going on in the rest of the world.

These are the CEOs, the nitwits turning airplanes into cattle cars.

And these are the politicians.

Ignore them. They’re on the wrong path.


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