1996 Land Rover Defender 90

On Fridays, I feature some beautiful work of rolling sculpture. I like sleek, go fast beauties.

However, beauty is more than lines and speed; automobiles are supposed to serve multiple purposes. The ability to traverse challenging terrain under difficult circumstances is another element that makes a car both special and useful.

Which leads to today’s beasty: I have always been a huge fan of the Defender 90.

The U.S. Army had the Willys-Overland Motors and their General Purpose vehicle, also known as GP, which legend has it where “Jeep” comes from. After WW2, the British marquee Land Rover created (adopted?) their own four-wheel drive off-road vehicle: The Defender.

I like the beefy look of the Defender 90, including the headlight array, fender flares and roof rack/safari lights combo. I seem to always find these with a 5 speed manual, which is a good thing.

They are hard to find in the US, and prices can get kinda silly; especially some restored versions. Still, they are uniquely capable and beautiful:


1996 Land Rover Defender

Source: Classic Driver


Check out the newer but retro 2008 Land Rover Defender, after the jump . . .



The classic, circa 2008 Land Rover Defender

Source: Classic Driver

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