David Fahrenthold meets Jay Rosen

This looks fascinating:

I first started following the work of David Fahrenthold when he began posting updates on Twitter that looked like this:

David’s snapshots of his notebook didn’t look like anything else out there. I thought it was a great way to draw readers into his work and show people just how much goes into an investigation like the one he was conducting.

I’ve long called on the press to involve readers in the reporting, to
Read more from my PressThink archives, on what I call: Users-Know-More-than-We-Do Journalism draw on the knowledge of the public it serves. And here was this guy, doing just that, on the highest stage imaginable: investigating a US presidential candidate’s claims. When David began receiving help from readers who had been following along, I started cheering him on.



Pull up a chair and listen in as David Fahrenthold meets Jay Rosen

Source: The Correspondent


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