Barron’s $1 Trillion Dollar Apple Cover

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Barron’s cover showing Apple’s new “golden” headquarters generated a truckload of commentary, including a lot of previously debunked nonsense; Josh has a good round up here.

This is important stuff. Why? Because separating reality from bullshit is the key to making better informed and more intelligent investment decisions.

I will have a lot more on this later today, but just note that the HQ Indicator is spurious, the Magazine Cover Indicator is widely misunderstood, and there is no such thing as a Single Company Magazine Cover Indicator (SCMCI).

The SCMCI  something we have discussed before repeatedly; but if you want a single counter argument, try this one graphic to settle the issue:


1981 – Present: Which of these 138 Apple/Steve Jobs Magazine Covers is the Sell Signal? 

Source: Kuo Design


More on this later today . . .



Magazine Cover Indicator (40 or so indicators over the past 15 years)

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Barron’s History of Apple

Source: Barron’s

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