Six Stages of Trump’s Resistance

This is a fascinating discussion about how Trump fought a relatively modest fine at his New Jersey golf courses: $147,000.

Peter Elkind explains that “as small as the sum was for a man like Trump, [it is] telling, not just because his resistance to oversight seems so disproportionate to the underlying allegations, but also because they provide a revealing anatomy of the five primary stages of Trump response:

1. Delay
2. Dissemble
3. Shift Blame
4. Haggle
5. Get Personally Involved. (The elements can be used in any order, more than once.)
and on occasion, there is a sixth stage:
6. Offer a job to one of the key players on the opposing side.

Go check out the entire piece — it is fascinating . . .


The Six Stages of Trump’s Resistance
Peter Elkind
Pro Publica, March 5, 2018

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