Richard Yamarone Memorial Scholarship in Economics at Brooklyn College

I mentioned late last year that my buddy Rich Yamarone had unexpectedly passed away. He was too young, vibrant and, alive too have left us so soon, and it created a hole in the universe.

That void is now ever so slightly smaller, thanks to his parents, Bloomberg, Brooklyn College and many of his friends (as well as RWM). We have all come together to create:

Richard A. Yamarone Memorial Scholarship in Economics at Brooklyn College

We are about halfway to hitting our bogey that will make this scholarship last in perpetuity.

Here are the rest of the details:

• Thus is a scholarship to an attendee of Yammy’s alma mater, in furtherance of the study of economics and investor education.

• Any gift made is 100% Tax Deductible: Brooklyn College Foundation is a 501 c 3 independently incorporated nonprofit. All gifts to the foundation are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

• You can make your gift online (and anonymously) here.

• Donors MUST enter “Richard A. Yamarone Memorial Scholarship” in the comments box provided to ensure that their gift will be allocated to the Yamarone Scholarship. (I also included the name in the “Name of whom your gift is in memory/honor of“).


Whether you knew Richard personally or professionally or not at all, please make a gift of whatever you can. Your generosity will be appreciated


For additional information, contact:

Beth Farryn Levine
Associate Executive Director
Brooklyn College Foundation
2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY  11210
718/951-5074, x2032


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