James Brown, The Godfather of Soul

There has never been a better performer than James Brown. For my money, he may be the single most influential singer of the past 50 years. Funk, rock, hip hop, soul — nearly every genre of music has been influenced by the Hardest Working Man in show business.

This came up today on my XMSR interview with Pete Dominick.

For those few of you who still buy physical music, I would say start with the box set Star Time; then get classic with Live at the Apollo 1962; and James Brown’s Funky People; (and Funky People part 2, and Part 3). Those of you who want your funk old school should check out Foundations Of Funk: A Brand New Bag: 1964-1969.

For those of you who are (somehow) unfamiliar with James Brown, here is a small sample:

Get On Up

I Feel Good


Other JB videos worth checking out:


James Brown performs “Please Please Please” at the TAMI Show (Live)


James Brown – “Cold Sweat” (part 1 & 2)

Make It Funky Part 1 Thru 4 (Super Rare)


Born: May 3, 1933
Died: December 25, 2006

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