10 Wednesday AM Reads

My its August already? morning plane reads:

• Are Stock Buybacks Starving the Economy? (The Atlantic) see also Buybacks Are Great in Theory, Less So IRL (The Big Picture)
• Smart guys are the most dangerous: Prone to overconfidence, and susceptible to overthinking – both deadly sins in money management. (Behavioral Macro)
• (Let me save you a click: No.) Is the Key to Beating the Market Written in the Stars? (Bloomberg Businessweek) see also 1998 Online Investors Consult Astrology To Chart Their Financial Courses (Wall Street Journal)
• David Pilling: The growth delusion (Washington Post)
• Deadly spiral: As an AIDS epidemic runs out of control and deaths rise above 30,000 a year, Russians look for scapegoats (Coda)

What are you reading?

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