Jeff Bezos 1997 Interview

Bezos is doing the rounds with a lot of big interviews — this one from 1997 shows how consistent he has been over 20 years . . .

This is an interview with Jeff Bezos – the founder of Amazon in 1997. It is very clear that Jeff is already on the right track in 1997 (three years after the introduction of NCSA Mosaic). While his words seem obvious now 15+ years later – in 1997 – he was way ahead of his time. The book “Long Tail” by Chris Anderson was published in 2006 (9 years later). Watch the baby in the background escape from its mother at 2:16 and run towards the taping :) The mother came rushing through the frame to get the baby which caused the edit at 2:17. Taped June 1997 at the Special Libraries (SLA) conference in Seattle, WA. Video courtesy of Richard Wiggins.<

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