New York Times: New York City Is Briefly Labeled ‘Jewtropolis’ on Snapchat and Other Apps

I thought we were beyond this.

How long until you’re considered the other.

The Reformation, the Holocaust, they were supposed to be one time things, we were supposed to now be more civilized. But to quote Talking Heads, it’s the same as it ever was.

My father telling me about anti-Semitism, believing everybody hates the Jews. Say no, but then look at this.

Yup, click on the above article, the maps for the “New York Times,” Snapchat, Citi Bike…they were all hacked so that New York City was renamed “Jewtropolis.” Actually, there were thirty changes made, but only this one slipped through. How?

They marched on Charlottesville and the first thing they told us was the Jews were not going to replace them.

An Encino man threatens the “Boston Globe.” Reporters in Maryland are shot and killed. Meanwhile we’ve got a mean, deranged man in the White House saying the press is the enemy, and Google too…run by Jews, and Facebook, that’s right, the Jews are the root of all our problems. Even though Bezos is not a member of the tribe and neither are the heads of Apple or Microsoft.

But the Jews are the enemy.

So this is where it goes. The people need a scapegoat, and the first one they always turn to is the Jews. And no one looks out for them until they too are threatened. Just wait, it’ll happen to you.

If you’re rich and fly private you think you’re immune, but you’d better live behind a gate. Because otherwise they’re coming for you.

The holier-than-thou educated too.

Wall Street got off with a pass, but not next time. The stock market may be booming, but only for the usual suspects, mom and pop have got no better lives, you think there’s not resentment?

As for the poor and ignorant themselves, they’re getting drunk and shooting each other, that’s what the lack of gun control delivers, and the NRA and the arms manufacturers are cool with it, as long as it flows to the bottom line, as long the stockholders get rich, damn the people.

So the 2016 election revealed the divisions in our nation. Hillary Clinton may have spoken to them if she got elected, but I’m unsure if she was aware of them when she ran.

Beto O’Rourke is a punk rock playing drunk driver, he can’t serve in Congress. And that monkey can’t get a gig as the Governor of Florida, just think of what will happen if we let THOSE people in the house. And he’s corrupt, ain’t he… You can’t trust those people, you’ve got to sleep with one eye open, they’ll rob and rape and kill you, you know the Jews only care about money.

Like there are no poor Jews in the world.

But now it’s the Asians agitating for their fair share, a hardworking ethnicity that focuses on education, just like the Indians. But the whites deplore them too.

As for being deplorable, THEY ARE! What other words are you gonna use? You can’t call a spade a spade in America, you can’t speak the truth, because someone might get hurt, and the right wing lets this all go and the Democrats are so busy trying to protect the feelings of special interest groups that they can’t see the forest for the trees. It always comes down to the same thing, people need jobs, people need money, and neither party is helping them out, they’re all beholden to the corporations, they’ve taken their eye off the ball, the true problems in this country.

Although you’ve got to give Trump credit for speaking his truth to his people. Bernie Sanders tried to do that and the party shut him down. He was too far out there, and a Jew to boot. You can’t elect a Jew! But the educated millennials don’t care about race or skin.

But still…there are a lot of uneducated people in America. And educated ones who are racist. Did Trump use the “N word”? I don’t know but I wouldn’t be surprised, this kind of language is used in the board room all the time. It’s part of being a bro. Yup, all you collegians who think you’re immune, with your fraternities and your cabals, you’re the epicenter of movements like this. You too are gangs. And members are afraid to speak up, for fear of ostracization. They may not kill anybody, unless it’s during initiation rites, but it’s not only wannabe members they haze.

This is scary.

As for Judaism, Roger Waters is an anti-Semite. How do I know? People close to him have told me about the language he uses. But he’s for Palestinians, they’ve gotten a raw deal. And maybe they have, but what are they doing to fix their situation? War. They want Israel eliminated. And I’m not saying Israel is innocent, but don’t you get it, this is a fight to the death!

You’ll support this minority and that, but if it’s the Jews, they gotta go. They’ve got enough money, they can fend for themselves, like all those gassed and burned to death during the war.

Oh, you say it can’t happen here. IT ALREADY HAS!

Do you know when the Taliban takes over a town the buses run on time, there’s more electricity? You have to sacrifice your social mores, wear the hajib, but the system works. This is what Trump is fomenting. Fixing things for those who elected him and damn the rest, damn the right to get an abortion. Oh, Kavanaugh may not want to overturn Roe vs. Wade, but let’s hear what he has to say about Planned Parenthood v. Casey (

But if Kavanaugh gets bounced they’ll find another just as bad.

And you were told that this was what the election was about. But you couldn’t vote for Hillary, you voted for a non-viable third party or sat out the election. Now the joke is on you. It matters to you. For the rest of my life, and probably yours, no matter how left the country goes, the Supreme Court will be right.

That’s right. It’s positively scary.

But it comes down to hearts and minds.

Trump keeps stoking the fire of his ignorant base. Fox News too. Why isn’t there uproar against Rupert Murdoch, why does he get a pass, why aren’t left-wingers hanging in front of his house and trailing his every move, because he’s rich? Come on.

It’s frightening out there. Hell, remember that guy who said there was no anti-Semitism in Germany and then wore a skullcap and was attacked? Do you want to advertise your Jewishness in public? Meanwhile, somehow the Christians have been disabled, we’ve stolen their Christmas, we don’t say prayers in school.

And the Muslim powers are as crazy as the Christians, even more so.

And once again, they’re fed by powers that won’t say no, who feed them not caring that they’re going out of control.

It happens again and again now. On a regular basis. We thought we were enlightened. But whereas the sixties music was all about living in peace and harmony through love, today’s music is solely about money and if you don’t go to number one it’s the enemy’s fault, the corporation, the competition.

And music is just a sideshow to the big show. Blows my mind how music is irrelevant in the social sphere. Oh, it’ll get some people to wear some clothes, buy some crap, but it won’t illuminate them on the issues, won’t incite change. Everybody just wants to be a rapper or Kim Kardashian, married to a rapper as a matter of fact, one who stood up for Agent Orange, imagine if Kanye was poor?

But no, he’s another megalomaniac drunk on his own power no different from the Prez or the CEOs. They think they know.

I’ve got contempt for them, many with names you do not know.

And everybody else has contempt for me.

But at least I’m not shooting people, I’m not crippling their lifestyles.

This is the story of our time, how things went horribly wrong. Blame income inequality, blame globalization, blame the starving of schools, blame the lack of opportunity for those who are not legacies.

But no, it’s easier to blame the Jews.


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